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All About Cowboys for Kids

An exciting mix of cowboy action, western lore, and toe tapping music. Parts 1 and 2. (See more info)

Price: US $ 12.95
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Cowboy Up: Inside the Extreme World of Bull Riding

Luke Perry narrates this intense riveting look at modern day bull riding.

Price: US $ 19.95
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K.C. Jones-Horsemanship Techniques

Making the horse a partner, not a tool, is the goal of this video. K.C. will show you how to use rewards and cues, rather than fear, to develope confidence.

Price: US $ 49.99


Bub Tate- Training the Calf Roping Horse

Shows several horses before and after their three day lesson with Bub Tate. The training and retaining process: see every technique used in the transformation.

Price: US $ 64.99


Tyler Magnus-Training To Win

Your odds of catching increase with better horsemanship. Tyler Magnus is known among professional team ropers as an exceptional horseman. Learn techniques Tyler uses in training outstanding rope horses. Know when and how to use your equipment, and get the inside look at what Tyler uses to improve his horses' perfomance.

Price: US $ 29.95


Rickey Green-Power Team Roping Method 1

Body position, horse position, swing and delivery, the angles, planes, and loop positions needed to catch. Through sports physiology. Ricky shows you how to better position yourself to control your horse and rope

Price: US $ 39.95
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