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Nylon Ranch Rope 35`

For those of you who are authentic ropers, making a living catching and doctering cattle,or
breaking this year's pen of two year olds, we have had Callaway build four great ranch ropes
specifically designed For use outside the competitive arena. The 5/16"and the 3/8" scant
nylon ropes are each60' long, have a traditional tied eye and are spun in a soft lay. These
two ropes are used primarily for laying cattle and horses down, catching your mount from the
remuda or working colts in the round pen.A 3/8"true by 35' long nylon rope is offered in an
extra soft lay for those trips across the pasture when you're tied on and need that extra 5' in
a soft cow catching rope. For those who prefer a poly, we have made the 9.5 mm poly ranch
rope in a 60' length. Remember,nylon stretches and poly won't. Apoly will create much more
jerk on your horse, saddle and cow.

Price: US $ 29.99
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