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Team Roping Simulator

Hold virtual ropings with your friends. Real steer action! Different every time you play. 5 roper skill levels, 4 steer average ropings and 4 arena series plus qualifier finals. Improve your skills. Win virtual prizes: buckles, saddles, trailers, and money!
Minimum System Requirements: Pentium Pro-200, 64MB RAM, 32 MB disk space, CD-ROM, sound card standard VGA card or laptop.
Recommended System Requirements: P-300 or higher, 128 MB RAM or higher, 32 MB disk space, CD-ROM, joystick, 3D video card (16+ MB), 3D sound card.
Windows 95 or above and DirectX 5.0 or above required for software rendering. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and DirectX 8.0 (included) or above and a decent 3D card are required for hardware rendering.
Old Price: US $ 44.99
Price: US $ 29.99


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