Duward Campbell - "Cowboy Artist"

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Duward Campbell
   Born and raised in the center of some of the best farming and ranching country in the southwest, Duward never draws an image that he hasn't "Breathed on". For he knows the people, animals and the land that he brings to his art. He strives for accuracy and detail of not only the physical, but also the spiritual aspects of the characters and the land he loves.
    Nationally know cowboy poet and cattleman as well, J.B. Allen, says he appreciates what he see in Campbell's work.
     "It's accurate and it's realistic," says Allen. " A lot of it has real people in it. Real working ranch hands.  Duward's the kind of guy that can go out there and make a hand ahorseback, too."
"We've Passed This Way Before"

"Eyeballin' the Keepers"
   Duward has been involved in creative activities a majority of his life, but became serious about drawing and painting during high school. He has been involved in architectural and furniture design and is a partner in Grey Horse Press. Duward has served as "Curator of Art for the Trappings Of Texas" show in Alpine, Texas 1996 thru 1999.

     We here at Hillman Saddlery are proud to bring you, Duward Campbell's exceptional limited edition prints, signed and numbered by him. 
     Each print is shipped rolled and packaged by the artist, ready for framing. 

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